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Reading Rainbow is Back!

Get ready, kids, one of TV’s most nostalgic informational shows is making a comeback… on the Internet.

Reading Rainbow Books

LeVar Burton’s “Reading Rainbow” revival is now the most popular Kickstarter project ever, with more than 93,000 backers and counting.

Perhaps most generous of the backers is “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane who has pledged to match every dollar raised after $4 million, up to $1 million in all.

So it’s safe to say LeVar Burton is back.

Premiering in 1983, the award winning Reading Rainbow ran on PBS for over two decades before its revival years later as an iPad app in 2012.

Goodwill for the Reading Rainbow reboot seems to be peaking as the project reaches its conclusion.

The other top four most funded projects on Kickstarter, that’s Pebble, OUYA, Pono and Veronica Mars, have all donated rewards from their own campaigns to give to Reading Rainbow’s most recent backers. Burton says he now wants to make the new series accessible to every child with access to the Internet and completely free for schools to use across the globe.

Who didn’t love Reading Rainbow as a kid?

With a “Reading Rainbow” app already available on tablets, he wants to create and unlimited library for video books and field trips for today’s digitally connected kids.

Burton has said that if Reading Rainbow reaches $5 million, which is now guaranteed to do so, he will build apps for Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV and Roku. Additionally, he’ll provide it for free to 75,000 classrooms most in need.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until July 2nd, after that? Who knows